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MAC Addresses

June 25, 2006

Commands to Obtain MAC Addresses

Platform                         Method

  1. 95/98/Me               winipcfg utility.
  2. NT/2000                 ipconfig /all 
  3. Linux/Some UNIX    ifconfig -a 
  4. Novell NetWare       config 
  5. Cisco Router           sh int <interface name>

A MAC address is a unique 6-byte address that is burned into (PROM) each network interface. It is used to identify network interface on the network. They are expressed in six hexadecimal values. These values can be separated by colon, hypen or a space.The IEEE has a system in place that lets you identify the manufacturer of the network interface by looking at the MAC address. An example of the MAC address 00-80-C8-E3-4C-BD