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Kurt Cobain

July 14, 2006



Getting all ‘moshed’

May 6, 2006


The floor is strewn with cigarette butts, an ultraviolet haze lights the room and assorted smells tickle your nostrils — intoxicants, sweat, alcohol, smoke and cologne a tad too strong.

The men wear long ponytails, hedgy afros, clean manager cuts, blue or orange highlights, and mohawks. Most of them wear black T-shirts with bands ranging from The Doors to Metallica to Cannibal Corpse and even Indian bands on them. The women, “chicks” they are called, are scarce and often found staring gaga-eyed at the rock star on stage who growls through a mic.

A jarring guitar can be heard, not always in tune with the loud double bass drums. The band on stage tries its best to get the attention of the crowd that’s exchanging pleasantries with their internet buddies, old college friends and old drug dealers. The bands get louder, and soon the crowd warms up enough to start a ‘moshpit’.

‘Moshing’ is characterised by jumping around and pushing others to loud punk and heavy metal music.

Dedication and humour are hand in hand here. The musicians know there’s no career in rock music in India even before they begin, but that doesn’t stop them from going all out. They’ll play the song till the end, so what if a guitar string snaps mid-way. The organisers relentlessly try to put gigs together, and distribute flyers with a smile, even as they make losses. And the devoted audience will travel miles, even if it is only to hear an inferior version of a song they adore.

Half an hour later, reviews are posted on internet fora and online battles begin. They debate cover music versus original songs, whether the ‘chicks’ were cute, what’s with what’s-his-name’s attitude, and whether the sound engineer was to blame.

Get your hands on this one folks…

April 29, 2006


Haunted Rob Zombie!

March 5, 2006


Born to Kill! Arch Enemy

March 5, 2006