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Keep Folder Hidden w/o External App

November 12, 2006
  1.  First create a new folder somewhere on your hard drive.
  2. When you name it hold down “Alt” and press “0160” this will create and invisible space so it will apper as if it has no name.
  3. Then right click in and select “Properties” select the tab “coustimize” and select “change icon” scroll along and you should a few blanc spaces click on any one and click OK
  4. When you hav saved the settings the folder will be invisible to hide all your personal files. You just have to remember the folders location in your hard drive.

How To Speed Up Firefox to make it even faster!

April 14, 2006
  1. Open the Firefox "config" page: click into the Firefox address location bar, and type about:config , press Enter.
  2. The "Config" file will appear in the Firefox browser as a page with hundreds of lines of code in it. Now, we start by enabling some advanced tabbed options:
  3. Locate the line browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs . (tip: press "b" on your keyboard to quick scroll).
  4. Double click on browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs . This will set its toggle to "true". Now your advanced and enhanced tabbing should be set.
  5. Next: we will increase the "pipeline" RAM ability for Firefox to accomodate more packet transfer. In the same config document, scroll down to the line that says network.http.pipelining . Double click this line to set it to "true".
  6. Lastly, we will increase the maximum pipeline requests to 100. Find the line that says network.http.pipelining.maxrequests . Double click on it, and a dialog box will pop up. Change the setting from 4 to 100.
  7. No need to save this file. Simply close and restart Firefox, and you should see an immediate 10% to 40% increase in web page transfer speed, and faster opening of your tabbed windows! Enjoy!

How to Backup Your DVDs Onto One CDR

March 20, 2006

Backing up your DVDs using your computer is a fairly simple process. There are different ways to accomplish this task in various formats of AVI, VCD, SVCD, MPEG and many others. Here, we will back up our DVD as an AVI file. In this process, you can store the movie from your DVD onto one CD-R.

There are two types of programs you will need for the task.  First, you will need a program that can pull the movie from the DVD; this is usually called ripping. There are numerous programs that can do this.  In our example, we will use SmartRipper 2.40.  The second program needed will encode the file you have just ripped from the DVD.  Once again, there are many programs you can choose for the job, while here we will use Dr. DivX.

Let’s get started.

Step one: Ripping the movie file from the DVD.

Put the desired DVD in your computer and double click the SmartRipper icon.

SmartRipper will read the DVD for the appropriate VOB files.  Once complete another window will open.

In this window, for the Rip-Method select the Movie option.  This will only ‘Rip the movie from the DVD’; not chapter and extra features.  Leave the other settings as they are.  Pick you target destination for where to save the file. Now click on the start button.  The next window will be SmartRipper ripping the movie from the DVD.

The ripping process will save the files as several VOB files to the destination you specified earlier.

Step Two: Encoding

Now we need to encode the VOB files to our desired backup file type, the AVI file.  Open the Dr. DivX program.  At the main screen click on the video file button.

This will bring up another window where you need to select the first VOB file in the series that was created from the SmartRipper program and click on the open button. This will bring you to another window where you need to select the first VOB file once again.  Click on the OK button.

This will now open the selected files.

In this screen you need to pick your audio input. You should just leave the settings at ‘track in video input’.  Next, click the next button. 

This now brings up your output selection screen.  There are several different certification levels to choose from.  I typically choose Certified DivX Home Theatre, but this is a preference choice.  Then you need to choose how many files to make and what size to make them.  If you choose one file at 700 MB, you should be able to fit you DVD movie onto one CD-R.  Click the next button once you have made your decisions.

This will bring up a screen to review your selected settings.  Review them and when you are ready, press the next button.

This will bring up the encoding screen.  This will show the encoding process and progress.  Depending on your computer, this can take a couple of hours.   It makes three passes of the file while it encodes, to ensure high quality output.

Once it completes the encoding process, a report will popup giving you the option to play the file or adjust the bitrate allocation.  You now have an official backup of your DVD on your computer.

Here are links to both of these programs


Dr. Divx