LU1812: An update failed to install. A program that was part of this update failed . . .

May 1, 2006

Resolution 1 

  1. Boot to Safe Mode
  2. Delete the DLL file ccwebwnd.dll and cclogin.dll (Path – c:/program files/common files/ Symantec shared/ccwebwnd.dll)
  3. Restart the computer
  4. Run the live update

Resolution 2

  1. Re-register navlucbk.dll
  2. Do synchronization using the following command in run box c:\program files\common files\symantec shared\livereg\symcsub.exe /sync
  3. Run liveupdate

16 Responses to “LU1812: An update failed to install. A program that was part of this update failed . . .”

  1. Rahul Says:


  2. Ben Says:

    Didn’t do anything for me.

  3. simon Says:

    removed the middle section of the norton menu for me, good job i didnt delete it from recycle bin, when restored all worked normally again but the original problem still persists.

  4. pri9908 Says:

    This workaround will work. It worked on both of our PC’s.
    In Safe mode: go to c:\program files\common files\symantec shared

    1. Cut and paste the following files to a newfolder on your desktop: clogin.dll, ccwebwind.dll, ecmldr32.dll
    2. Reboot the computer and run Live Update. All the Norton programs will update except Norton Anti-Virus.
    3.Shut down and reboot to Safe Mode. Cut and paste the files back into the c:/program files/common files/symantec shared folder.
    4. Reboot the machine. Run Live Update again and Norton Anti-Virus. You will be prompted by Norton to reboot a 3rd time for the update to take effect.

  5. Alex Says:

    That didn’t work….same error

  6. Jim Says:

    Resolution #1 above worked for me, though there was a twist in the workaround process — instead of deleting both files, I simply renamed the extensions for both as *.dl_ (Safe Mode wasn’t required), then rebooted. When I subsequently launched NSW2006 to run LiveUpdate, Windows (XPSP2 Pro) needed the main installation CD inserted so as to configure Norton Ghost.

    Upon completion of that step but without rebooting (as Ghost wanted to do following its configuration), I ran LiveUpdate which downloaded and successfully installed both a Ghost update and the remaining problematic Redirector update (Yay!) that had consistently been generating the LU1812 error since I’d originally installed NSW2006 last year. After LiveUpdate completed successfully, it required a reboot — following which, I checked to see whether replacements for the two files (ccwebwnd.dll and cclogin.dll) had been installled.

    Only one (ccwebwnd.dll) had been replaced with an earlier version (almost certainly from the CD). The newer files I’d originally renamed to *.dl_ were both dated 1/22/07 and version; the replacement file was dated 12/13/05 and version After this determination, I decided to revert and test whether the more recent files would function, and so renamed the temporary replacement as *.dl- and then changed the other two filenames (*.dl_) back to *.dll. At that point, I ran LiveUpdate again and was happy to see the message that the product was fully up-to-date. In the future, if I should start getting the LU1812 error again, I’ll simply repeat this process and see if that will resolve it.

    Many thanks to everyone who contributed thoughts and suggestions in this thread — I’ve been wrestling with this problem for months and have become exceedingly frustrated with Symantec’s uninstall/reinstall approach (which I’ve tried multiple times without success). Hope these additional comments will help someone else overcome their problem with this particular gremlin….

  7. Brett Says:

    Here is another very simple solution that worked for me. I can’t take credit for it only finding the smart cookie that discovered what to do before me!!


    Stuckwithnorton contribution:
    “I unchecked the “protect my symantec product” on the Options-norton antivirus-micellaneous page and re updated –it worked. The I turned it back on later.”

  8. Ian Says:

    Unchecking the “protect my symantec product” solution worked for me.
    I don’t know why Symantic is not suggesting this as a posible fix.
    Since this setting is set by default I don’t see how Symantec’s uninstall/reinstall approach would work.
    Not an option if you have lost the CD like me.

  9. Jon Says:

    How can Resolution 2 work? You can’t run a DOS command which includes a path with spaces in it.

  10. Jim Says:


    I thought I had fixed this problem once using the modified version of Method #1 that I wrote about above. Alas, the issue returned several months later and I’ve been frustrated with it ever since until discovering the solution. To say I’m REALLY irritated with Symantec’s approach in light of what has solved the problem is an understatement.

    I’m using NSW2006 on the problem machine, and have NSW2007 on another machine (which never experienced the problem), but have applied this solution to both. It may be that this particular setting is reflected in another Symantec component if you are using a different version.

    Under the NSW “Settings|Options” for v2006 (and “Advanced Options” for v2007), UNCHECK the box on the “General” tab which states “Turn on protection for my Symantec product”, then click “OK” and re-run LiveUpdate. This time, you should not get a LU1812 error message and everything should install properly. I did not have to re-boot or re-start NSW for this to occur, but possibly others might have to go through one or both steps prior to re-running LiveUpdate successfully.

    I will leave this particular setting unchecked for the future, but will periodically look at it to confirm it has remained unchecked — Symantec has a rather irritating practice with some of its updates of resetting basic options to their default setting (like automatic LiveUpdate and this specific “protection” toggle).

    Hope this will save someone else from the months of frustration that I’ve experienced over this particular problem.

  11. Jimmy Says:

    Hi guys,

    I’ve NSW2007 installed and have been plagued by this error for months. I tried unchecking “Turn on protection for my Symantec product” as suggested above, but I still get the error, whether I reboot or not after toggling it. I really thought I found it here, but for some reason it’s not working for me. I really don’t want to uninstall/reinstall or, worse, contact Symantec. I know this suggestion is relatively new, but has anyone else been unsuccessful with this fix? Thanks anyway, Jim (and all others whom may also have suggested it!)

  12. Karthik Says:

    The solution given by pri9908 worked for me..thanks a lot

  13. MPO65251 Says:

    I’ve tried everything but nothing works.
    And I don’t even have clogin.dll on my PC

  14. Vishal Nair Says:

    jassi how long has it been. this error is bugging the hell outta us here for ghost 14. those files up there are no longer used by symantec in the 2009 versions. now what?

  15. ICXC Nika Says:

    Same error with BUE 2010 trying to get SP1 via live update. This fixed my problem:

  16. […] LU1812: An update failed to install. A program that was part … – LU1812: An update failed to install. A program that was part of this update failed . . . May 1, 2006 […]

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