How to check your Outlook Express Setup

March 28, 2006

If you read your email using Microsoft Outlook Express, and you're having problems, the first step is to check your connections are correct.

Open Outlook Express
On the top navigation bar click Tools
On the Drop down menu which appears click Accounts


Click the name of your connection, and then click the Properties button


Ensure that on the General Tab screen your Name and Email address are entered correctly. In particular pay attention to the email address section, ensure that the email address is entered in lower case.


On the Servers tab ensure that the Incoming and Outgoing mail server addresses are correct and that the account name is your full email address. Also ensure that there are no ticks in the Log on using Secure password authentication and in the Outgoing mail server section that the My Server requires authentication box is not ticked


Here, ensure that there is a tick in Always connect to this account using and that Tiscali is selected in the drop down box.

Here, check that Outgoing mail (SMTP) is set to 25 and that Incoming mail (POP3) is set to 110. Also make sure that the This server requires a secure connection checkboxes are clear.


One Response to “How to check your Outlook Express Setup”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Well, I think you should always have up to date email backups. I used to do it manually by saving the .dbx files, until I found Outlook Express Backup Genie that does it automatically at regular times.

    I choused it over other because it can work with both MS Outlook and Outlook Express


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