Five principles of Success

March 13, 2006

1) Know your outcome

So many people go through thier lives just getting whatever they get. just taking whatever comes to them and the fact is that if you want to be master of your destiny, if you want to become builder of your dream the first thing you got to do is know what they are. no matter whats goin on you can always stop and say, “Hey, wait a second. whats my outcome? what is it i want out of this situation.”.  most people when they are stuck in a problem are just stuck in the problem and they can`t see anything else but  you empower yourself the moment you ask yourself the question,” hey, whats my outcome. what do i want here”. what that does is redirect your focus and remember in life we tend to get what we focus on.

so one of the first thing you can do to empower yourself is ask yourself whats your outcome. if there is some area in you life if thats not working for you either your career , relationship, finances, health. ask yourself the question right now. whats my outcome in this area.

2) Take action

There is absoulte no subsitution for taking action. you got to go out there and take action in terms of producing results in your life. It reminds me of a comic that i read one time there was a guy sitting on a couch and his wife walks up to him and she said  that i thought you were thinking of painting the fence and he said yeah i will get to it right after i am done thinking of moving the lawn ;). So the fact is you can think about the stuff all day long. There is so many people out there meditation on this or concentrating on that. I firmly believe in all those technique but there is absolutely no substitute for action in terms of producing results in your life.

3) Have sensory acuity

Have sensory accuity to know whether or not you being effective. To notice whether or not your producing results from your action. so you have to fine tune your awareness to pay attention to that because if your not being effective what you gonna do. you gonna change your behaviour which is the fouth principle for success

4) Have behavioural flexibility

You need to have  sufficient behaviour flexible to product the result that you want. you know your outcome, your are taking action but you notice that the action doesnt produce the desire  outcome. then if you have infinite behaviour flexiblity you can continue  changing your behaviour untill you eventually get to the results that you want. so you got to have that behaviour flexibility.

5) Operate from a physiology & psychology of excellence

what do i mean by that. I want you to try something with me just for a second. I want you to slump over on your chair and slump your shoulder over and frown your face and notice if you can thing of something sad and get into depress state. ok, its pretty easy to do isnt it. Now i want to change your physiology completely i want you to sit up nice and tall, breath from  top of the your lung, put your shoulder back, put a big silly grin on your face and bring smile on your face and look straight up on the air, & bring your eyes all the way up and now try to be depress. go ahead and do it try to be depress give it a shot try hard you cant do it. why not? we have a certain physiology thats linked up to certain emotinal state in our body. so if you wanna produce the most in terms of result you need to hold your body in a way thats goin to produce the results. you want to have physiology thats appropriate to the context in which you are operating. you physiology needs to match that you are doing. thats what i meant by physiology of excellence


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