Anger Management

February 25, 2006

Once  a king asks a sage what he would do if attacked — just to test him. “I would defeat him.” replies the sage. Intrigued, the king actually proceeds to attack the sage, but finds him calm and composed. Disconcerted, he asks the sage what he meant by the initial utterance.

The sage explains, “By ‘him’ I meant ‘anger’. When anger bursts forth with fierceness, man loses all his reputation. But when one pays no heed to insults and remembers that anger alone is his real enemy, his reputation shines forth like the bright disc of the moon. Bewildered by wrath, man deviates from the path of happiness and treads the path of misery.” Ashamed, the king apologises and asks for forgiveness.

In life, unlike in mathematics, two negatives do not ever make a positive. A negative emotion always results in a negative outcome for the person who harbours it and for the one at whom it is directed. In the long run, the negative outcome affects the former more than it does the latter.

Lesson learned : Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone; you are the one getting burnt!

furiousss.gif “Why does life keep teaching me lessons. I have no desire to learn”


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